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  USCIS Memo Revises Asylum Office Procedures for Identifying Trafficking Victims
This November 26, 2013 USCIS memorandum from John Lafferty, Chief of the Asylum Division, announces revised procedures for asylum office personnel regarding the handling and identification of trafficking victims to replace current procedures in the Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual.

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This site contains materials for representation for your client, as well as information for the client.


  Presentaci n por USCIS en c mo navegar el sitio web. En Espa ol!
Esta presentaci n explica paso a paso c mo navegar el sitio web para ver el estatus de su caso.
  SB 1569 Factsheet
Expanded protections for human trafficking survivors: How to access benefits

Q & A from CIS

  Advance Questions/Discussion Topics for VSC Meeting August 20, 2009
Q & A with the Vermont Service Center in August 2009.
  CIS Q & A on T and U Visas from June 2009
Q & A with CIS on T and U Visas in June 2009.
  Notes and Practice Pointers from USCIS, VAWA, U and T visa Stakeholder Events 2016
Notes and Practice Pointers from USCIS, VAWA, U and T visa Stakeholder Events 2016 created in collaboration by ASISTA, AILA VAWA, U and T visa National Committee, Immigration Center for Women and Children (ICWC), Immigration Legal Resource Center (ILRC), Just Neighbors Ministry Inc, and Sanctuary for Families. This advisory contains general information shared by USCIS staff during multiple stakeholder events this year, and we have added practice pointers and clarification where relevant. We realize that with the change of administration, some of these policies or procedures may be changed or delayed, and we will be sure to update the materials as needed.

Cases in Proceedings

  Sauzo Perez v. Mukasey
Petitioner argued that misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree, under state, law, was not crime of violence constituting aggravated felony under removal state. The Court of Appeals held that assault conviction was not categorically conviction for crime of violence, and that assault conviction was not crime of violence under modified category. January 2008


  8 USC 1367
Link to the Government Printing Office page with 8 USC 1367 relating to penalties for disclosure of information relating to battered or abused immigrants as well as use of information obtained from batterers and their families.
  Non-Disclosure and Other Prohibitions Relating to Battered Aliens: IIRIRA 384
This first INS memo on the special confidentiality provisions and protections against using information from abusers remains the best government document on this issue. Read along with 8 USC 1367 and other documents in this section.

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