VAWA Cases in Removal/Deportation Proceedings

VAWA_Motion_to_Reopen_for_Suspension_BIA unpublished decision.PDF

Unpublished decision approving special VAWA motion to reopen for VAWA suspension of deportation (5/11/2007)


VAWA_Cancellation_BIA_unpublished_decision on extreme cruelty, extreme hardship and divorce from abuser at time of filing.PDF 

BIA affirms IJ finding of extreme cruelty, extreme hardship, and qualifying for VAWA cancellation after divorce from abuser (1/20/2006)


VAWA_Suspension_BIA_unpublished_decision witnessing abuse is Extreme Cruelty on Child.PDF

BIA affirms IJ finding that witnessing abuse is extreme cruelty to child and discusses extreme hardship factors (11/29/2011)


VAWA_Cancellation_BIA_unpublished_decision on good moral character and extreme hardship.PDF

BIA overturns IJ denial finding good moral character despite crimes and other violations and discusses special VAWA factors on extreme hardship in EOIR regulations (11/18/1999)


VAWA_Suspension_BIA_unpublished_decision on credibility and extreme hardship.PDF

BIA overturns IJ, discussing credibility and extreme hardship (7/14/2003)



BIA concedes approved VAWAs who entered on fiancee visas may adjust if abuser was sponsor (10/12/2011)


VAWA_Cancellation_BIA_unpublished_decision on extreme cruelty to child in common.PDF

BIA finds that death of child does not terminate eligibility for relief based on abuse to child in common (no marriage) and discusses extreme cruelty to child (3/5/2012)


Matter of M-L-M-A-, 26 I&N Dec. 360 (BIA 2014)


Matter of A-M-, 25 I&N Dec. 66 (BIA2009)




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