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March 2015

Mar 23
Amicus on when LPRs can file for U visas; Brief to AAO on when LPRs can file for U visas.

Redacted briefs on when LPRs can file for U visas

ASISTA recently filed a brief to the AAO in support of the Alaska Immigration Justice Project's appeal of a U visa denial based on VSC's view that the applicant had not sufficiently demonstrated loss of lawful permanent residence.  Many thanks to Maria Baldini-Potermin, who wrote the brief for ASISTA, and to the Alaska folks for pursuing this issue.  

AAO Brief: /documents/filelibrary/documents/AAO_Brief__U_Visa_and_LPR_Status__R_D2DC63BA21BD4.pdf

Alaska Brief: /documents/filelibrary/documents/ASISTA_Brief2_re_LPR_and_U_Eligibil_79BB16912968D.pdf


February 2015

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