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December 2013

Dec 16
December 16
U visa Cap Advisory and Notes from VSC Stakeholder Teleconference December 12, 2013

  These notes include important information, especially regarding USCIS reaching the U visa cap and other updates and changes. Please check back to the ASISTA website for changes and updates

Dec 10
December 10
Holiday Letter

 Tis the season of giving, please keep ASISTA in mind when you're feeling the holiday spirit!

Dec 3
December 3
101 Great Sources for Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem that many social workers will encounter among their clients. It is important for social workers to know how to help their clients who have experienced, or are currently suffering from domestic violence.

Dec 2
December 2
Motions to Suppress in Removal Proceedings: Fighting back Against Unlawful Conduct by US Customs and CBP.

    • This practice advisory addresses some of the factual scenarios and legal issues that may arise when seeking to suppress evidence unlawfully obtained at or near the border.




November 2013

Nov 7
November 7
VSC Stakeholder Event, October 2013

Notes and Practice Pointers from VSC Stakeholder Event on October 18, 2013.


Nov 5
November 5
The Newsletter of the American Immigrant Council's Legal Action Center

 Several advisories on topics such as systemic reform, enforcement, paths to legal status, access to courts, as well as practice tips and blogs.

Nov 1
November 1
ICE Memo Regarding Immigrant Families and the Affordable Care Act

 ICE clarifies that they do not use information about immigrant families or household members that is obtained for the purposes of determining eligibility for health care coverage under the ACA.


October 2013

Oct 25
October 25
New Tool for Change of Address with USCIS

In addition to changing the address with USCIS, you should also notify VSC directly if you have a case with them.


Oct 1
October 1
PBS Frontline Special "Rape in the Fields" Featuring Sonia Parras Konrad

 FRONTLINE and Univision partner to tell the story of the hidden price many migrant women working in America’s fields and packing plants pay to stay employed and provide for their families. This investigation is the result of a yearlong reporting effort by veteran FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley, and the Center for Investigative Reporting. 


August 2013

Aug 30
August 30
135 Organizations support action on work authorization for survivors!

On August 23, 2013 a sign on letter with 135 organizational endorsements was sent to leadership at DHS to show the importance and urgent need of granting work authorization to survivors with pending VAWA, U and T visa applications.

Aug 30
August 30
Priority Principles to Address Violence Against Women in Immigration Reform

Leading national experts and advocates for immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking urge members of the House of Representatives and to endorse the following principles so that immigrant survivors of violence are protected in immigration reform.



July 2013


May 2013

May 30
May 30
VAWA Adjustment Practice Advisory: May 2013

This ASISTA practice advisory was created in response to reports of long delayed VAWA adjustment cases. In consultation with the Office of the CIS Ombudsman, this advisory contains updates in processing as well as some practice pointers to avoid and to address delays in the processing of your cases.


April 2013


March 2013

Mar 12
March 12
VAWA 2013 Practice Advisory

ASISTA's VAWA 2013 analysis and practice pointers with important contributions from several of our allies (see document for details).  Please let us know if you have any further thoughts on how VAWA 2013 provisions may be implemented or interpreted most helpfully for survivors.  We hope to provide input to USCIS as they draft regulations and, as ever, your feedback is welcome and essential.

Mar 12
March 12
New ASISTA Bulletin

Here is ASISTA's first bulletin written by staff attorney Hisham Leil. This bulletin has brief updates on developments in immigration law, not specific to survivors of violence, but that may affect them. We hope to provide these bulletins on a regular basis.


February 2013


January 2013

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