"Just wanted to let you know that the 2+ years long pending battered spouse waiver case I had was APPROVED today!! Thank you SO much for helping to get it unstuck. The client will be thrilled. This made our day!!".

~ Melissa, Catholic Charities


"I wanted to give you follow up information on a case you helped us with in 2012 and I must insist on how incredibly helpful you were in starting the entire process. Our client has now received his U Status. Without your help to get us started, this would not have happened." 

~ With Immense Gratitude, Gregory Rowe".


"Gail and Cecilia – GREAT NEWS! USCIS has approved the green cards. USCIS Headquarters called the Field Office and they agreed to withdraw the request. Then this afternoon, we received a call letting us know the client and her son's green cards are being approved. We greatly appreciate all that you have done to help and we have a very relieved and appreciative client. Thank you so much! "-

~ Christine Pate, Pro Bono Program Supervising Attorney, ANDVSA


"I'm happy to report that after 22 months of adjudication and multiple inquires, our client just got her U cap DA letter. Thanks again for your help with all of this!"

~ Michelle Carey, Senior Attorney, Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice.


Gail's emails are POWERFUL! My client's EAD has arrived - and it's been granted for two years! Thank you all so very much for everything you do, it makes a huge difference! Thank you!!” 

 ~ Attorney Vanessa Frank


A HUGE thank you to ASISTA, especially Gail & Cecelia for assisting my U Visa clients who have recently & FINALLY been placed on deferred action status. The cases had been pending since 2012 and after they refused to reopen the cases sua sponte, I sought ASISTA’s help and it was well worth it! Thank you!”

~ Joanna Gustafson, Attorney, JMG Immigration



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