New ASISTA Litigation Coordinator and Trainer Consultant Position


ASISTA Immigration Assistance seeks to fill the following consultant position –  ASISTA Litigation Coordinator/Trainer.  The position pays $50/hour and will start at 7.5 hours/week for the first six months, expanding to 17.5 hours/week after six months. After the first year we hope to further expand the hours and/or make this a staff position (with attendant benefits).  Applications due May 29, 2018.  

ASISTA Litigation Coordinator and Trainer: The ASISTA Litigation Coordinator and Trainer will work with Executive Director Gail Pendleton (and other staff, members, and allies) to identify, coordinate, and frame litigation issues affecting survivors of crimes seeking VAWA or U relief.  As part of this effort, the consultant will also train ASISTA members on litigation fundamentals, recruit and coordinate a litigation mentorship system for those new to federal litigation, and provide individual technical assistance to members as they navigate the immigration and federal courts.  As noted, we anticipate making this a staff position as soon as fiscally possible. See detailed description HERE

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