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Open “Case Rounds” for Intermediate/Advanced Q & A on U Visas & VAWA

08/08/2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Open “Case Rounds” for for Intermediate/Advanced Q & A on U Visas & VAWA

Presenters: Cecelia Friedman Levin and Gail Pendleton, ASISTA Immigration Assistance 

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Please join ASISTA Executive Director Gail Pendleton and Senior Policy Counsel Cecelia Friedman Levin for a unique and interactive “case rounds” webinar on common and emerging intermediate and advanced U and VAWA case issues, including parole for derivatives abroad, overcoming inadmissibility problems, etc. We will provide ample time for discussion and include practice pointers on   identifying and addressing complicated problems. Q & A throughout, with a significant section for open Q & A and discussion at the end. Bring your tough cases and latest problems!

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